One pair of jeans, seven ways to rock it!

Mint is the new black! Well, according to me it is. It is an amazing pastel color that can go well with almost any other pastel color and black. Below I have made an effort to pair 1 pair of mint green skinny jeans with 7 tops and accessories to give it different looks.

1. Errand girl look…for when you have all those many errands to run and you still want to look chic lest you bump into people who matter.


2. Glammed up look….for when you have to go on a date with Mr. Man or that exclusive party with your girls


3. Trendy girl look...for when you have to go on a clothes shopping spree. Even the store attendants will take you seriously in this ensemble.


4. Rock girl look…for when….well, if this is your style then rock it by all means.


5. Tomboy chic look…for when you just feel like ‘being’ or if this is your style swag…


6. Trendy look…for when you have that brunch date on a random Sunday


7. Chillaxed look…for when you have people to see and things to do like pay bills and grocery shopping.


…With that, get on the hunt for your pair of mint green jeans already…

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