Celebrating Kenya before the elections


Blankets and Wine is expected to be a rally for peace combined with a stress buster this weekend, as a complete Kenyan suit of Mumala, Nyota Ndogo, Kato Change and Just A Band have been lined up as performers.

The 42nd edition, which runs from 1-7pm, will be a solely Kenyan affair and happen just hours before the country votes for its next batch of honourable leaders.

Though neither of the musicians is particularly known for drumming up conscience socio-political change, organizers of Blankets and Wine want the fans and attendees to know how beautiful the country is.

“This Sunday will be a celebration of Kenyan music. Our intention is to promote how beautiful Kenya is and to encourage conversation on what it is we love about Kenya”, said Bonnie Mwalili, the Communications Officer for Blankets.

Turnout is expected to be high, due to March 4 being a public holiday but revelers will be advised against being irresponsible.

“The event runs from 1pm to 7pm. There will be no after party, so that everyone has time to go home and rest, and get ready to vote the next day,” he said, a first for the monthly event.

This Sunday’s festival will be the second at the Carnivore and advance tickets are already on sale on www.ticketsasa.com, and most Dormans outlets in Nairobi.

Mumala is a first-timer at the event, and Change who has been there as supporting cast will now be at the forefront.

Here’s a tit-bit of what to expect from the gifted guitarist, some Summer Sun.

(Picture by Magiq Lens).

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