BoConcept: A little bit of Denmark now in Nairobi


Tired of the same old boring furnishings available in every store you visit and similar in most households around? Have you been looking for unique furniture and home decor pieces that will give you some of ‘the big city vibe’? Well, BoConcept has answered your prayers. The BoConcept franchise store that offers attractive yet unique designs and sublime furnishings got a Nairobi launch last Thursday at the ABC place by the Danish Ambassador to Kenya  his Excellency Geert Aagaard Andersen together with BoConcept CEO Torben Paulin.

For those who have not a clue what BoConcept is all abo

ut …well, The BoConcept is a Danish furniture retailer that carries a valuable legacy mainly based on the Danish design traditions of simplicity and functionality. The furniture

feature comfort and simplicity of Danish design combined with the cool urban vibe of the big cities (hence the Nairobi store) and the experience of good service.

BoConcept’s ambition is to make it to the benefit of customers worldwide. There are over 260 BoConcept Brand Stores in more than 60 countries and Nairobi is the latest and youngest home to a BoConcept store.

A little bit  of BoConcept history

The company started in 1952 in Denmark and has since developed its proud design legacy into an international concept, making Danish designs available to customers around the world.

The first BoConcept store was opened in Paris in 1993 followed by Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Copenhagen, New York, Berlin, Athens and Dubai in a steady stream from Asia to

North and South America and Europe.

Toberman explained that BoConcept is akin to LEGO . He said … “It is about taking different pieces and combining them to create something highly personalized.

Customizing your interior design to be uniquely yours. To fit your lifestyle and your character.”

The BoConcept experience is made to feel the same everywhere…whether you are in Barcelona, Singapore or presently in Nairobi.

Below are some images of what the Nairobi BoConcept store has to offer


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