Zonke shows off vocal range at TML100 concert

A short haired Zonke pulled a Mariah Carey at the recent Tusker Malt 100 Club concert at the Nairobi Arboretum on Thursday night.

The soul singer boasted the height and depth of her vocal range to catch the crowd’s attention, after the rains proved a minor distraction at the venue.

In a well organised event, exclusive to Tusker Malt 100 club members, Zonke was eager to get on stage with her full band and two back-up vocalists.

Dressed in a shimmering golden jacket that hugged a white vest atop faded blue jeans and red stilettos, Zonke poured out her soul to the audience via her very revealing album ‘Ina Ethe’.

The biggest song of the evening was the ever popular Jik’Izinto, sung in a mix of English and Xhosa (her native tongue), followed by the catchy track ‘Feelings’.

Zonke tried to accommodate her Kenyan fans by belting out more of her English songs. Her soulful music had just the right amount of jazz infused into it, carrying on from Kenyan guitarist Eddie Grey who was the opening act at the event.

“I’m honoured to be performing in Kenya,” said the bubbly musician. “I’m bringing you a little bit of South Africa.”

Close to 40 new members were registered to join the Tusker Malt 100 Club at the event, and they will be receiving exclusive access to several shows lined up by Tusker Malt with African music as the main theme.

The first event was graced by Nigerian superstar Bez, supported by Sara Mitaru as the local act. sponsors of the concert include Tusker Malt, Southern Sun hotels and KK Security.

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