A Winter Wonderland in Nairobi

This morning, I woke up with the overwhelming feeling of missing the Christmas season in Toronto, where if the weather cooperates, the entire city turns into a magical Winter Wonderland.

There’s nothing better than opening your drapes first thing in the morning after a night of snowfall. Peacefully blanketed with snow, the window sill, trees, electrical lines, chimney tops and cars seem like they’ve snuggled comfortably into the snow to shelter themselves from the cold and crisp gusts of wind.

Now, where in Kenya can I find my own Winter Wonderland?

Ice skating in Nairobi

Ice skating, especially outdoors, is quintessentially part of Christmas and Holiday Season in colder climates.

There’s nothing like gliding effortlessly across the glistening ice under the sparkling lights of the Freedom Arches with the inspiring Toronto skyline as your backdrop.

Incredibly romantic, great exercise and just good fun, ice skating is one of those things where being bored is just not possible.

I have yet to visit Nairobi’s Panari Hotel and experience the 15,000 square feet and 200 person capacity indoor ice skating rink, but after coming across the video below, I am definitely going to spend more time there (OMG hockey on Wednesdays!). For the eco-friendly bunch, the rink is solar-powered!