The power of undies

My bestfriend is constantly powdering her nose and re-applying gloss on her lips and she is always like “You never know what might happen, I can drop down dead anytime and I want to leave behind a pretty corpse!” That is exactly what I think about undergarments.  I insist that undies (bra, panties, boxers, vest…) should always be clean and nice to look at as you never know who might see them-and I’m not saying this in any perverted way. Suppose you had an accident and you had to be undressed for effective life saving?  At least let people see a nice set of undies, you never know someone will one day go like “that’s the lady with nice undies”.

Atleast once or twice we have had fashion disasters like when our shoe heel comes off, or when we bend over and our pants rip, or when our clothes get caught by a wire and tear! Cringe moment!! Be prepared always.

Almost everyone wears undies (even those who don’t like them have to wear them at some point) and the best thing is that undies are very affordable unless you want to go extravagant and buy the diamond studded ones (so unnecessary).

Whether you are into thongs, boy shorts, briefs, boxers …underwear is important. They hold things in place and the good quality ones even help protect from bacteria therefore they should be part and parcel of us. Much thought should go into buying undies all the time the same way as outer garments.Remember though that cotton is always the way to go as it leaves lesser room for bacteria to breed in unlike the other materials. If you prefer the silks and laces, the bridge of the lower undergarment should be cotton.

Men and undies:

A pair of pure white cotton boxer briefs should feature in every man’s underwear drawer. They show your sensitive clean and neat side.  Everyone loves clean people and white undies help give this impression besides they work for everyone.

While I’m on this topic… men, please keep away from those undies that look like panties. If you like your undergarments brief then perhaps go for ones that look like the ones below and not the ones you used to wear as a pre-adolescent.

PS: Don’t buy the hello Kitty ones for yourself let your woman do that for you 🙂

White vests on a guy worn as an undergarment are also very much appreciated. Besides making you look smart and like you take care of yourself they help absorb sweat so you will not have a pool of stinking water on the pits of your shirt.

Make sure you get the right size. Not too big as to constantly fall and not to small as to ride up your bum.

Ladies and undies:

Matching top and bottom undergarments will make you feel sexy.

Try and be playful when buying undies. You can get ones with little cute detail (little bows, luscious colors and lace ). Undies are your personal thing, so go for the pretty ones you’ll feel great.

Again, get your size right. You don’t want undies that enhance muffin tops and camel toes.

Undies can make you feel sexy

Before wearing your outfit, put on your undies and stay like that for a while. Do other things like make-up or combing your hair and ironing in your undies. Check yourself out in the mirror and enjoy what you see. This is a guarantee that you will feel sexy and ooze it albeit for just a while.

Bottom line: wear clean, nice undies. Treat yourself to a new set of undies at least every 6 months and say “out with the discolored at the crotch undies and the ugly granny undies”. Love your undies, take care of them, air them often and store them well and they will serve you better and longer!!

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