Blankets and Wine in chilly August

Aug 8, 2011 – It was the coldest Blankets and Wine yet this year, but that did not deter music lovers from turning up in their hundreds to watch an array of live performances at the Mamba Village on Sunday.

There was more traffic at the Dormans and Mr Shisha tables as revelers tried to warm up in between performances.

Known for its top notch Sunday best outfits for both men and women, last weekend’s event had some brave souls in skimpy clothing, while others looked like they had walked out of a winter fashion catalogue.

Fena Gitu was among the first on stage, captivating with her strong voice and poetic lyrics, before Muthoni the Drummer Queen took over in a white tee and red suspenders holding some tiny blue shorts in place.

She sang tracks off her latest album, including her freshest sound – Welcome to the Disco.

After that came DJ Andre on the decks, trying to get the crowd dancing before the Tusker All Stars joined the action. And that took it up a notch.

Tanzanian Swag-master Hemedi was more swag than musical genius, and compatriot Msechu had all the energy in the world – so did Uganda’s well-dressed Davis – but it was Patricia Kihoro who dazzled with her voice.

Rwanda’s Alpha was drowned out by his back-up singers and Ng’ang’alito failed to impress, but the crowd was ready for a party and even the technical hitches proved to be just a minor set back.

The main act for the event was Tanzanian musician TID (Top In Dar).

Thought it had been four years since he last performed in Nairobi, the crowd was well versed with his music.

He showered the ladies in the audience with compliments saying ‘Kenyan women are so beautiful’, earning screams of appreciation in response.

TID also belted out the song that plunged him into the East African limelight ‘Zeze’. In a grey suit with labels dangling and a pink shirt and black tie, TID nearly killed his own show with dodgy dance moves that had very lewd innuendos.

When the microphones were turned off at 7pm however, the crowd was generally happy.

(Pictures by Quaint Photography).

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