#SusanEats: La Terrazza

August 5, 2011 – By reservation only, La Terrazza is an exclusive poolside restaurant perfect for a private meal.  Whether it’s a high-stakes business meeting or a romantic dinner or an afternoon siesta session with the ladies, La Terrazza’s coastal vibe accentuated with mature palm trees provides an ideal environment for quality time.

As you enter the Wasini Luxury Homes in Westlands, you make the short journey through the courtyard that includes walking over an arched wooden foot bridge over a fish pond before you make it to the spacious terrace – La Terrazza.

Overlooking an inviting pool and a Moroccan inspired shisha area, La Terrazza serves a diverse menu of soups, salads, sandwiches, Italian classics, and even breakfast.

The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the menu but the service was at a coastal pace.

Capital Lifestyle favourites were the comforting Butternut & Cinnamon Soup and Spaghetti All’Amatriciano with peperoncino.

The Butternut & Cinnamon Soup reminded me of the flavours and colours of the Autumn season in Canada, which I had missed dearly until I successfully devoured the soup.  The creamy texture was perfect and the ginger and cloves were infused wonderfully, whilst the dash of cinnamon pulled it all together aromatically.

The Spaghetti All’Amatriciano, which is basically spaghetti in a tomato based sauce with bacon, peperoncino and black pepper.  The perperoncino is a type of spicy chilli that has a certain level of sweetness.  Used sparingly in the sauce, the pasta dish was not too spicy and the bacon brought just enough smokiness to get your taste buds going.

Décor. Coastal inspired architecture with beautiful textiles accented with African sculptures.

Service. Lovely and personable but slightly tardy.

Things to look forward to. Shisha in a beautiful al-fresco environment, relaxing coastal vibes, bookings for personalized parties like spa get-togethers.

Price. Great prices for the generous portions. The pastas were no more than Ksh 760 and the sandwiches served with French fries and vegetables will set you back a little more that Ksh 500.


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FOODBLOG: Photo Credits Susan Wong © All rights reserved.

Some delicious bruschetta to start…


Butternut & Cinnamon Soup: Heavenly, need I say more?!


Spaghetti All’Amatriciano: the texture of the pasta was perfect, not too chewy or soft and I loved the savoury sauce


Chicken Curry with coconut rice:  This dish also came with a side of fresh mangoes, pineapples and yogurt.  The curry was so aromatic that you could smell it as the dish was being brought to us from the kitchen.


Dessert time: Italian Tiramisu and Oasis.  Now imagine yourself snacking on these delights poolside with comfy pillows and mature palms swaying…



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