The Spirit of Rhino Charge 2011

June 6, 2011 – It’s hard to believe that 22 years ago Rhino Charge only raised Ksh 200,000.  23 off-roading challenges later, Rhino Charge 2011 marks another record-breaking year raising Ksh 77,311,364 (Ksh 5 million more than last year).

Rhino Charge is known for being one of the most challenging off-roading experiences set in the unforgiving terrain of the Kenyan bush.  The 2011 edition of Rhino Charge was situated in Baringo where the terrain was extremely rocky with pockets of thick bush.  


Photo Credits: Susan Wong

 “Extremely rocky and challenging.  This is definitely the toughest Rhino Charge ever,” said  Dominic Rebello of Car No. 41. 

Many drivers echoed Rebello’s sentiments about how tough the course was.

Aside from the adrenaline-packed action, scenic views, putting your bush craft to the test, battling thorns and insects, engine failure, punctures, holed radiators, and driving without brakes – just to name a few; Rhino Charge is also a time to reflect on our dwindling resources and how the community can conserve them.

After the successful completion of the Rhino Ark Aberdare Electric Fence Project,  Rhino Ark’s efforts to protect the “water towers” of Kenya continue with fencing projects in Mt. Kenya and Mau Eburu.

The Mt. Kenya project, encircling 2,000 km2 of diverse and impressive landscapes, will require Ksh 1 billion and 5 years to complete.  The Mau Eburu project will take approximately 12 months to complete and will require Ksh 100 milion.

RHINOCHARGE20_904041394.jpgOut of more than 60 teams, the overall winner of Rhino Charge 2011 was Mark Glen of Car No. 48, whilst Alan McKittrick and his Car No. 5 team secured the highest cash sponsorship at a whopping Ksh 11.5 million.

The Coupe Des Dames trophy went to Caroline Armstrong and her Car No. 19 team.

The Rob Combes Perpetual Trophy, which celebrates the spirit of the Charge in the memory of Rhino Charge co-founder Rob Combes was awarded to the Zambia’s Car No. 14.  Peter Castle and his team spent 5 days driving from Zambia to Kenya and experienced major difficulties at the Kenyan border, but still managed to compete and was the highest placing international team.

Rhino Charge was founded in 1989 and is an annual event held in Kenya.  All of the funds raised go to the Rhino Ark, a charitable trust founded in 1988 to support conservation in Kenya.  Rhino Ark and its partners successfully completed the Aberdare Electric Fence Project in 2009.













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