A ballet virgin?


May 23, 2011 – The Crown of Russian Ballet kicked-off their 3 dates in Nairobi Saturday May 21st, 2011.  

From May 21st – 23rd, The Crown of Russian Ballet will be performing at Safari Park Hotel & Casino and wrapping their tour on Monday May 23rd, 2011 at the Alliance Française.  

The Crown of Russian Ballet was founded in 1997 and has successfully brought its classical ballet productions to numerous countries, including in East Africa.

The Crown of Russian Ballet dazzled the Nairobian crowd with their intricate footwork, musicality and technical abilities.  

On Opening Night, the dance company performed classics such as Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Ravel’s Bolero.


Ballet Virgin 

If you are a ballet virgin, attending a Ballet may seem intimidating at first.  However, with some research, watching a live ballet production can be truly a magical event.

As the colourful stage lights dim, the audience falls silent in anticipation and the orchestra (in this case, the music system) weaves its notes with the flawless movements of the ballerinas as they explore motion and emotions.  

Absolutely Breathtaking.

A form of dance and a language not of words but of steps, movements and mime; ballet is an exquisite dance that expresses thoughts and feelings through poetic storytelling.

Ballet may seem completely foreign and irrelevant to some, but if you remain open-minded, you just may realize that ballet is actually among us.

Bet you didn’t know the African diva Angelique Kidjo adapted the classic ballet Bolero in her Grammy-winning album Djin Djin in the track entitled Lonlon.  

If you’re wondering where to take your beautiful date this evening, give ballet a try and take-in a magical ballet experience at the Alliance Française.


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