Ladies, don't forget your pants at home!


May 19, 2011 – The good thing about the shirt dress (the boyfriend shirt if you like) is that you can easily DIY (do it yourself). What you have to do simply is grab a long shirt, grab a belt and you are good to go. The gutsy ones prefer to go it without the belt but I shall explain why the belt and other bits of clothing are necessary.

There are those who prefer to wear hot pants  or plainly forego wearing anything underneath the shirt dress… this won’t work for you in the streets of Nairobi.
The best way to be a Nairobian in a shirt dress is to invest in some leggings/jeggings/pants to give you the chilled out casual day time look.  You can also do flats or heels (whatever floats your boat).

For a night time look you might just get away with the shirt dress minus the leggings. The thing is, without the leggings (and during the day I must say)  you might just look like you forgot your pants or like you are actually doing the walk of shame and you borrowed your man’s shirt or you might just  come off looking plain tacky!

Check out the following looks:





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