Trap Light recycles waste energy

May 18, 2011 – The “green” phenomenon has become a growing trend in Kenya.  From the government pushing the development of geothermal energy sources to the readily available solar panels in the market to the fascination for fuel efficient cars; Kenyans are becoming “greener” by the day.

In “Kenyan Homebuyers Demand More”, we examined the need for more innovative and creative designs in Kenyan real estate development and interior design options.  Not only are Kenyan homebuyers and owners demanding better value for their Shilling, but also are searching for environmentally friendly options to save them more cash.

Tired of dim solar-powered garden lights or your electricity bill spiking due to turning on lights in the evening?  This could be the innovation that will light up rural communities in a sustainable way without the need to depend on traditional energy sources.


Enter the Trap Light

Trap Light is a gorgeous energy absorbing trap light that never needs electricity or battery power to illuminate a space.

Trap Light utilizes special photoluminescent pigments that absorb waste energy from surrounding light sources.  A 30 minute charge from recycled light from a traditional light bulb will provide up to 8 hours of clean green lighting.

An Italian design original, the Trap Light revolutionizes how light can be recycled and used effectively in another application.  Through the Murano glass blowing technique, designers were able to embed photoluminescent pigments into the glass.

Not only will these innovative light sources save you money and provide ample light; the Trap Light’s design is also easy on the eyes.

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