The theory of demand and supply

May 19, 2011 – I know this probably sounds like a commerce class but have no fear-it’s not! Come to think of it, we are talking about the delicate chain of demand and supply and we can’t help but borrow a leaf from the businessmen.

So here goes the theory, the higher the demand, the higher the supply, the lower the demand, well, I’m thinking NO supply. You must be like, ‘so get to the point already’ I am getting there.

Being in a relationship is like being in business. If you got it, you got it. If you ain’t got it, well, let’s just say you ain’t got it. There are usually two individuals and love is the contract.  Here reads the agreement; I so and so promise to love thee for bla bla bla until bla bla bla happens where we shall terminate our contract. Signed and delivered.

In the beginning, business is great, you go to movies and you receive gifts, go to various outings; you name it. Then one day, he’s tired to take you out for dinner, he thinks the movies are expensive and worst- he forgot your anniversary.

Gulp! When did it reach here you ask yourself. This contract used to be so fun. You know what? You suddenly feel like killing your ‘business associate’. Stop. Let’s go to the chart of demand and supply with less gibberish please.


Men are usually not the smartest creatures, having been removed a rib while blissfully unaware. (I mean, how do you not feel that? Really!) Anyway, during the initial stages of dating, better known as ‘pre-dating’ they will ‘pay keen attention’ to you, showering you with gifts and what not-and it feels good, right? And for a while they got you hooked, all starry-eyed and in love.

With time, you get to ‘post-dating’ (which is where the dating fever has already passed) and it’s really boring because you argue a lot and he always forgets important dates. And in an attempt to distract himself, finds somebody else.

Theory of demand and supply reads; do not expect a man to know what to give you and when to, it’s not embedded in their DNA.demand_3_387486155.jpg

He brings you the same perfume for your birthday and you hate it-tell him. He forgot your anniversary- remind him two weeks in advance and slap a sticky note on his forehead if need be.

He doesn’t take you out no more- grab his hand and demand for a night out-preferably an expensive one to cover for all the missed night outs.

You hate how he makes fun of you in public- punch him in the nose and ask him how it feels.

Ladies are you getting my drift? Sometimes you have to demand in order to be supplied! Don’t expect your man to know what’s running through your mind! If you don’t tell him then you end up ruining a perfectly good relationship because you ‘assumed he knew’. Unfortunately this is the mistake that lies with most women.

Have you ever seen those women who get bought expensive stuff and you’re like- what in the heck did she do? (Well apart from that) And you’re probably stuck with a ‘kabambe’ phone having bought it several years ago with pocket money.

Think fast. Your man probably thinks you’re fine and when he asks you if everything is okay on your way home, you hiss at him throwing dagger eyes and snapping your jaws like a runaway barracuda.

Please refrain from this; it only makes things worse. Find a way of respectfully relaying your needs to him; note the key word, which is ‘respectful’. We don’t need any drama or bad attitude.

If he’s a good man he’ll understand where you’re coming from and hopefully makes things better.

And men, please don’t mistake this demand and supply theory for aggressiveness.

Sometimes you need to let your woman know that saying her needs out loud is not being a gold-digger or needy, it’s just being real.

At the end of the day, you are the beneficiary because peace is maintained and you have one happy woman by your side willing to do anything for you. Women, Demand and it such be supplied, Expect and it shall, well, be ignored!


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