A little charm on your bracelet?


May 13, 2011 – Charm bracelets in modern day fashion are an accessory that goes with numerous looks. They have the versatility that is needed to pull off all fashion looks with the exception of formal wear. Historically though they are one of the oldest, accessories in human history.


Miniature figurines and pendants were worn as amulets to protect against evil spirits and bad luck.
Ancient Egyptians however took accessorizing to another level with gold, silver and glass beads. Elaborate gold and silver jewelry with precious stones has been found in many archeological sites. Some of the first identifiable charm bracelets can be found in those and other archeological sites.
Lockets were often used to store important information and passed on through generations. A modern twist are the funky lockets that double up as bracelets with secret codes worn by friends.
The Fashion icon responsible for making charm bracelets common in everyday use was Queen Victoria who is reported to have had a unique fascination with them setting off a trend among the nobles who showed off exquisite and elaborate charm bracelets as accessories.

World War II also made charm bracelets immensely popular when young men gave their beloved the charm bracelets with pendants and trinkets from the places they had been.
In the 1950’s and 1960’s they became a popular engagement gift. After 2000, there was a rise in interest in old charm bracelets which have now become collectors’ items.
Fashion houses like Louis Vuitton have also driven the surging popularity in charm bracelets.
After the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, there were charm bracelets associated with the movie. As the new movie opens on big screen be sure to have your charm bracelets with you.


The nature of charm bracelets means that new charms can be added as others can be removed mean that charm bracelets will always be a fashion staple.


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