Wedding Trends by the lakeside


Photo Credits: Susan Wong

May 3, 2011 – Happy Matrimony Tuesday!  This past weekend, I was in Naivasha for a beautiful picturesque lakeside wedding (Congrats to John and Joyce!)

Outdoor weddings have always been popular choices for Kenyan weddings, but this particular wedding is worthy of noting because of the incorporation of some new wedding trends that have clearly taken Kenya over as well.

Perhaps, some of the following trends will inspire your big day!



Outdoor Venues. In this case, the raw, minimal backdrop of a lakeside setting left room for personalization with colours, fabrics, flowers and seating arrangements (try incorporating hay stacks draped with white linens like Joyce did!).


Sophisticated Elegance. Simplicity and understated has returned.  Together with modern design elements and some do-it-yourself touches (for example centerpieces), the basics of elegance will make a big statement.


Grey is the new Black. Men, no more gloomy and boring black suits, Grey is the new hip colour to get married in.  Like the iPhone, a Grey tailored suit exudes style and swagger.  Shades of charcoal, stone and navy grey are wonderful organic colours that will easily be incorporated into the wedding colours, and together with vibrant flowers – you will definitely pop!


Luxurious Textures. Wedding dresses featuring romantic details like ruffles, layered fabrics and oversized florals will also be a prominent trend.  Even the tablescape will be romantically decorated with textured linens, chair covers, ribbons, and branchy and floral arrangements.


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