Piers Morgan & Janet Jackson: Sneak Preview


February 16, 2011 – Piers Morgan got Janet Jackson on his show and as is his specialty, he managed to get the hard questions answered in the easiest way.

See below a clip and transcript from the show, which airs on CNN tonight.


JACKSON: There was a time when I was so down and felt so unattractive and it lasted for a very, very long time.  That I used to – I used to bang my head against the wall.

MORGAN:  Really?

JACKSON:  Yes. And…

MORGAN:  Hard?


MORGAN:  Literally? Like this?

JACKSON:  Yes. And the person that I was with, my ex-husband at the time, I mean he’d have to stop me.


MORGAN: Are you able now because enough time has passed that the terrible grief you must have felt at the time. Are you able now to think back with happy memories? Have you got to that stage yet?


MORGAN:  What do you think about?

JACKSON:  About passing out the dinners to the homeless. About taking care of the animals for the kids, and as for the talks that we had; things like that.

MORGAN:   What was it – for those that didn’t know him, what was he like?  What were the misconceptions of Michael, do you think?

JACKSON:  Very sweet. Very gentle. Incredibly smart. Always about love. Always about love.  He – he knew who he was.


MORGAN: When did you last talk to him?

JACKSON: Honestly it’s not often. Not —

MORGAN: Weeks? Months?

JACKSON: It’s been — oh, no. It hasn’t been months, not like that. A few weeks ago.

MORGAN: Do you feel sad you don’t have a relationship with him that is better?

JACKSON:  Not anymore. I used to.  It would have been nice.  I would go over to a friend’s house when mother would let me go and I’d see my friends, the relationship with their father, how they call him dad and sit all in their lap and…

MORGAN:  What did you call him?

JACKSON:  Joseph.

MORGAN:  Always have done?

JACKSON:  One time I tried to call him dad.

MORGAN:  What happened?

JACKSON:  He said no.  He said I’m Joseph.  You call me Joseph.  I’m Joseph to you.

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Catch Janet Jackson tonight!

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