How to wear your summer dress


October 22, 2010 – There is a reason why it’s called a summer dress and that’s because it’s only meant for summer!! However with the drastic change of weather, u just never know…!!!

Therefore, It’s cool to carry a jacket with you whenever you are wearing your summer dress just in case the weather flicks to cold.

*Don’t overdo with print mixing. Most summer clothes are quite colourful, avoid mixing different prints i.e flowers and animal prints never go together!

*For a glamorous look, accessorize boldly. Big bangles and major pair of earings is a big style statement. Don’t overstate with necklaces and belts all in one. 

*Wear a hat not a tent. With hairs flowing down your naked back, looks sexy!

*Don’t mix halter neck together with big necklaces, it creates confusion around your neck. Instead, wear big earings to cover up for the neck.


*Don’t try too much wearing a summer dress with flat open sandals or high slip-ons. Don’t mix official shoes with a summer dress!

*Summer dress is strictly worn during the day, remember to take it off at night and don’t go clubbing in it!

A little secret for you, DO NOT wear a summer dress with a bra. If you have to, then wear a bikini bra instead!! If the dress is printed, try a plain colour bra and vice versa!

Otherwise, it’s cool to set those melons free ones in a while…!!



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