How to get rid of dandruff



August 10, 2010 – So you now know what Dandruff is – but how to get rid of it?

The best way to keep the flakes at bay is to shampoo your hair every day.

Dandruff can, of course, become stubborn, so if washing everyday with your regular shampoo does not stop the flakes, the next best thing to do would be to start using anti-dandruff shampoos.

Look for anti-dandruff shampoos with zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, salicylic acid or ketoconazole as the active ingredient.

To keep your scalp from developing immunity to these shampoos, go ahead and rotate brands at least once a month.

For optimum results, you can lather your hair with the shampoo of your choice twice. The first wash will clear the scalp of the flakes and the oil buildup. The second one would let the chemicals in the shampoo get absorbed by the scalp.

I also did some research on some homemade remedies to wash the flakes away and keep the dandruff from recurring.

What is considered the best homemade remedy to dandruff is a vinegar wash. Mix two teaspoons of vinegar with six teaspoons of water and rub it against your scalp before you go to bed, then wrap your head with a towel. Apply the same solution to your hair once again in the morning when you wake up, then rinse it with water. You do not have to worry about the smell of vinegar in your hair, as the smell of vinegar does evaporate eventually.

Whatever you do, never, ever scratch the clumps with your fingernails. It will cause wounds on your scalp.

Dandruff is an embarrassing hair condition, but it is not unmanageable. Just take good care of your hair, visit SUQA for a consultation and the flakes will go away. 🙂


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