Sheila Kwamboka starts director stint


August 10, 2010 – Kenyan Big Brother contestant Sheila Kwamboka has made her directorial debut with the video of new Kenyan R&B track ‘Dame Naweza Penda’.

The song is sung by Samora, Tosh and Bari Bonds, who is a good friend of Sheila’s.

“When Sheila heard the song, she immediately advised me that it needs a nice video. We approached Ogopa and Sheila decided to do her directorial debut on it,” Bari told Capital Lifestyle.

Sheila is however working independently on her directing.

“We are doing more work with her. It’s a good video. Sheila wanted this video to stand out because she feels that most Kenyan videos disappoint.”

It was shot one fine morning in March this year, and was released last week.

“The video showcases the ‘dame naweza penda’ as girls who are robbing the affluent Nigerians in the club and bringing the loot to us… It’s a totally different video,” Bari says.

Check out the video here.

Dame Naweza Penda is Bari’s (Moses Baraza) first release.

“I am not thinking of an album just yet because I feel it has to have a theme. It should be moving and portray an emotion. Having 15 songs doesn’t mean that you should just compile them to come up with an album,” Bari added.

For now, his plans are to release quality music and videos, experiment with different sounds like zilizopendwa and benga, and to promote ‘dame naweza penda’.

“The video took long to release because Ogopa is swamped with new projects for its wing in Namibia – Ogopa Butterfly.”


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