Alliances form at BB All Stars

August 6, 2010 – It’s official; there are TWO camps in the Big Brother All Stars house! Ok, two and a half because some are undecided about which camp to join, if at all any.

One is called the Midnight Crew – which hosts Sheila, Uti and Lerato – and which Meryl feels more drawn to. And then there are the Borites, who include pretty much everyone else apart from Mwisho (who can never be boring).


Here’s a breakdown according to the BBA site:

”On Wednesday (4 August), during the Rubber Chicken Fight Tatiana felt that Lerato had gone out to purposefully hurt her.

Then during her Day 11 Diary Session, Lerato told Big Brother that she was convinced that Tatiana threw a dagger at her because she still holds grudges that stem Big Brother Africa Season 2.

Last Friday (30 July), as Nominations loomed, Sheila confided in Uti that she felt stuck in the middle of a tug of war between Lerato and Tatiana. She added that she was not willing to be part of any alliance but felt that she was compelled to choose a side, which made her feel very uncomfortable, because that is not how she had planned to play her game.


On Wednesday (4 August), during her Diary Session, Meryl confirmed to Big Brother that the House was indeed divided into two. She added that she felt comfortable around the “Midnight Crew”, far more so than the “Gossipers”, as they had more common interests.”

Meanwhile, in a mock Biggie session with Meryl, Sheila confessed that she finds Munya and Tatiana’s relationship weird, because it see-saws between love, indifference and friendship.

As for Meryl and Mwisho, she thinks the duo is in love because they spend ‘hours’ talking to each. Sheila thinks it’s only a matter of time.

SHEILA_YACOB_433675735.jpgSo Sheila is still in the house but Munya and Lerato are up for eviction and either of their exits could affect the Borites and Midnight Crew camps respectively. Who do you think should stay?

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