IBM breakthrough for data centres

August 6, 2010 – IBM has unveiled the zEnterprise System a technological breakthrough that is set to revolutionize the way data centres work.

Speaking in Nairobi, IBM East Africa Country General Manager Tony Mwai described the zEnterprise System mainframe as the most significant new systems architecture in the last 20 years and one of the most important in nearly 50 years of IBM mainframes.

The zEnterprise System was developed over a 3 year period at a cost of over US 1.5Bn$ in response to in response to changing business demands and in line with IBM’s corporate direction of Smart Technologies.

IBM_MWAI_305286061.jpgAccording to Mwai, the zEnterprise System is a convergence of its predecessor’s synergies and the design has been adopted to be embraced by new business thinking like system collaboration, speed, functionality, energy efficiency, and security platforms in line with current and future business expectations.

Targeted at organizations that need to process and make sense of vast quantities of data in real time, the synergies incorporated in the new system have boosted the complex analytics performance by up to 10X delivering insight from business data in minutes versus hours.

Further, zEnterprise offers the most powerful, scalable mainframe server ever up to 60% faster than its predecessor System z103 for new workloads and it plays a green card as the most energy efficient ever 60% more capacity than z10 while using same amount of energy.

According to Mwai, big challenges like energy and sprawl have languished for decades, and data centres are made up of “island communities” that simply coexist rather than work together.

Changing times are thus demanding for smarter efficient working processes and the zEnterprise System delivers a collaboration platform that converges and harmonizes the island communities into one synchronized operation.

For the Kenyan market, this new development spells a reduction in cost as customers can integrate the management of zEnterprise System resources as a single system and extend legendary mainframe qualities such as ultra-high levels of reliability and security to workloads running on select IBM POWER7 and System x blade servers.

Further with ability to manage workloads across systems as one, zEnterprise System can drive up to a 40% lower acquisition costs and reduces cost of ownership by 55%.4.

The zEnterprise System is expected in the market later on this year.

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