New medical facility opens at the Lions Sight First Eye Hospital


June 22, 2010 – Mrs. Gulzaar Popat’s dream comes true as Kshs 25 million purpose built medical centre opens

thousands of underprivileged families around Kangemi area to enjoy quality services.

Over the last half a century, Mrs. Gulzaar Popat has continued to work tirelessly engaging in charitable and philanthropic activities; virtually at all leading institutions.

From Kenyatta National Hospital to Mama Ngina Children’s Home among other charitable institutions, Mrs. Gulzaar Popat has personally been involved in selfless acts largely geared at alleviating the plight of the less fortunate.

Today, one of Mrs. Gulzaar’s dreams finally coming to fruition with the opening of a Ksh25 million Mrs. Gulzaar Popat general practice medical facility at the Lions Sight First Eye Hospital in Loresho.

The purpose built facility fully sponsored by Mrs. Gulzaar and her family led by Kenya’s undisputed motor trade father Mr AbdulKarim Popat will be opening its doors ready to serve thousands of Kenyans.

The facility which is a partnership project in conjunction with the Lions Eye Hospital is expected to directly help less fortunate families living around Nairobi’s Uthiru, Kangemi and Loresho suburbs while supplementing the government efforts in providing health care.

Speaking during the official opening, Simba Colt Motors Group Chairman Abdul Karim Popat acknowledged his family’s humble pride in finally seeing the official opening of the medical facility.

“I am indeed delighted and full of pride to finally see my loving wife’s dream come true and particularly to note the profound impact that this facility will have on the local community,” Popat said.

“…for over fifty years, Mrs. Gulzaar has selflessly and tirelessly worked through personal involvement in ensuring that all Kenyans to the best of her ability lead healthy, happy lives” she added.

As a family, the Popat siblings have all been supportive to Mrs. Gulzaar’s efforts which have made her a darling to some of Nairobi’s downtrodden.

While tracing back the project history, Mr. A.K.C Popat, explained that his wife Mrs. Gulzaar had moved to support the project to guarantee high quality medical services provision for the Kangemi and its environs community which has to travel far to access medical services at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Lions Eye Hospital Board of Management Chairman Dr. S.P Amin explained that, in order to help the financially constrained Kenyans, and to supplement the government efforts in providing health care to these less fortunate members of the society, the Lions Eye Hospital and the Popat Family have partnered to put up a general medical clinic that will run as a day care facility in Loresho. 

The medical clinic will be of profound help to the needy and poor patients who will benefit from high-quality care at highly-subsidized costs and free to those who cannot afford.

“The medical clinic is as a result of the Lions realizing that even after putting up the leading eye hospital in the country; still the magnitude of diseases in Kenya presented a challenge to the country given the growing population, inadequate infrastructure, low per capita income and an aging population,” Dr Amin noted.

And added: “Currently, when those financially constrained Kenya living in and around Kangemi and Uthiru get sick or injured, the only affordable facility available in the area is the government dispensary at Kangemi.  Most of the times, this facility is outstretched by the high number of patients seeking treatment there.”

Since its establishment in 1997, the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital in Loresho has grown to be the largest eye hospital and has attended to over 988,000 ophthalmic patients and done more than 50,000 cataract surgeries.

The opening of Mrs. Gulzaar A.K.C. Popat Medical Clinic at the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital will further serve to expand service provision capacity at the facility.

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