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June 11, 2010 – Officially released to the global market in October last year and in Kenya early this year, this Microsoft offer is anything but earth shaking. In fact, it downright feels like Microsoft (MS) opened the old Vista bonnet, fixed the loose wiring, gave it a good scrub, and named it Windows 7.

Windows 7 should have been the most daring Microsoft offer yet, but there is no significant difference between it and Windows XP.

While Windows Vista drained too much of your computer resources in terms of space & speed, The 7 is versatile and works almost seamlessly.

However, Microsoft fails to match up to Apple’s Snow Leopard. It is still heavy, but as Windows goes, it’s almost as good as Windows 95, which in my view, at the risk of telling my age, is the best and most stable Windows platform to date.

Installing Windows 7 is not as hectic as the previous Windows operating systems. After installation and restarting your computer, you will be good to go. It even automatically uploads those annoying missing drivers that made you want to set your hair on fire.

Windows always had issues with its operating system. The script has almost been predictable. A new system is unveiled, the bugs become more than just apparent and then they are fixed. Because of wide usage and market penetration, hackers have been attracted to Microsoft systems, which have made Windows more vulnerable to malicious scripts and other security threats.

This has not been the case with Apple’s Macs whose systems tend to be more secure. Microsoft  has tried to address this issue by introducing a self heal system of sorts, updates, patches and drivers that can be downloaded online. It would have been nice to see if the new system heals and automatically updates itself. In fact having used both Apple’s Snow Leopard & Microsoft Window 7 for the past five months, Window 7 is surprisingly impressive. Unlike Windows Vista that was probably the worse Microsoft operating system, too slow, too bulky and  Windows XP which broke down often, the 7 just like Beemer 7series hasn’t crushed once. On occasion, I hard plugged in a flash memory card full of virus just to see if it would crush & burn but it didn’t only survive but persisted. Don’t try this on your machine though. I have a better than average antivirus but the in-built security protection mechanism that comes with Windows 7 goes along way. Of course you have to run constant updates every time you go online just for good measure.

But the best thing about Windows 7 is its size. It is small hence it runs fast literary can run on your smart phone, it is that tiny. A bit of the normal windows you know has changed pimped with new features but with a little practice you will find your way around.

Nonetheless, Windows 7 is still by far the more user friendly Windows. It is easier to find things and multitasking is much more delightful. It gives a sense of ownership. Both Windows Vista and XP slow down, and even freeze, when you run too many programmes. Vista enthusiasts would love Windows 7, as it takes away most of the clatter, and is far much lighter.

Since the office is as mobile as your laptop, setting up wireless called Wifi or running on normal networks called Broadband & other wired connection, Microsoft beats Apple hands-down with Windows 7. But there’s an obvious need to improve on the Control Panel that remains unchanged from the previous versions of Vista and XP. In this respect, the Snow Leopard tops.

That said, not Microsoft’s best invention, but you are stuck with it! Nearly half of the multinational firms surveyed indicated they are in the process of adopting Windows 7. Or will adopt it by end of year.

My last word: Get yourself broadband or Wifi internet connection, all computing is migration from your hard disk to the web. Don’t be left behind.


  • Gabrieleric Kamau

    Sonko needs guidance n counceln

  • Kick

    Aende afungwe.

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  • earthsolutions

    crowd for hire…!!!

  • Taqrew

    Hooliganism eish!
    Waheshimiwa indeed (@ Sonko, Kabogo and Waititu) As for Sonko’s bodyguard walalala, bila words

  • Vicky

    thi is so embarrasing.i guess all those tourist are schocked…what wrong with this sonko?i live in switzerlnd but here there is no one bigger than the other one….this is absolutely embarrasing

  • Jk

    DO i miss the police during Kanuu..yes I do this ma fuckers shuld be beaten like njoya..

  • Ayubchege

    I am soo dissapointed being called a youth

  • Guest

    pitty Makadara people if this is the best they can get.

  • Erickowuor

    am so dissapointed in one Mike Sonko,Kabogo and Waititu!

  • Hahaha

    its such a shame!!! did they go to school???

  • Jamhuritukufu

    I respect the cop who stood his grounds and stopped this hooligans in their tracks. How think are these guys? Sonko’s ill gotten money might be for him right now but cam ma is a bitch and all this foolishness will catch up with him one of this fine days

  • Jamhuritukufu

    I respect the cop who stood his grounds and stopped this hooligans in
    their tracks. How think are these guys? Sonko’s ill gotten money might be working
    for him right now but cam ma is a bitch and all this foolishness will
    catch up with him one of this fine days

  • Asewe29

    Great job, Mr Top cop! I hope you get a promotion!

  • janet

    can someone please fafanua why “drama queen” Sonko is in crutches?????

  • NGUGI78

    WHO THE FUCK IS SONKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    half of uhuru kenyatta cabinet, SONKO, WAITITU and the drugs guy

  • Anonymous

    Nani amepiga mheshimiwa teke…LOL!! These guys why do they think they are above the law
    With friends like this surely Uhuru needs not enemy!
    Did any1 notice at the end of the video the driver was the same one who was apparently shot at during the Harun Mwau “CAR SHOOTING” Incident… Hmmm…

  • Kakalio

    fuck u all.the war has just began,hehehe

  • Vinmm

    has any one stopped to think and realized that is this Uhuru dude became the President of this nation the entire cabinet would be made up of  characters like Mike Sonko, Harun mwau, waititu. kuweni serious who would want to be in a country like that?

    somebody needs to save sonko from himself… this guy is in self destruction mode ……Lol!

  • Vinent Mutule

    We all remember the noise and fights for the second liberation of kenya that was culminated by the birth of a new constitution . if i may ask what is all the news from kina Uhuru muigai and counterpart Ruto, sonko for …. or are they seeing the danger that looms since Impunity, drugs not to mention coruption and land grabbing that has made their likes famous coming to a grinding halt and no stone left standing to hide their heinous past …. woe unto their likes ……,siku yakiyama draweth nigh…..ole wao!

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