Placenta Party to launch its vision for Kenya

April 16, 2010 – The infamous Placenta Party, of the Esther Timberlake, Hellon and Quincy Timberlake fame, is expected to launch its Party manifesto this afternoon.

The 2pm affair at the Finger of God residence in Runda, will highlight the vision Hellon, Esther and Quincy have for the country.

The Placenta Party is what Hellon and Esther will use to contest for the Presidency and Vice Presidency in the 2012 elections.

HELLON_JOSEPH_116251564.jpgAccording to the invite; “This is a manifesto like one you have never seen before…”

Jazz maestro Hellon has said in the past that he is “confident of becoming the President of this nation (Kenya)” and with Esther as his running-mate, they can bring good change to the country.

The official media launch of the party takes place at about 2pm and ‘snacks will be provided’.

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