A prickly Valentine for most Kenyans

February 15, 2010 – A new poll indicates that even though 69 percent of Kenyans were aware of Valentine’s Day, most of them were unwilling to spend on the trappings that mark the occasion as they perceived it to be foreign. EMPTY_POCKETS_946254605.jpg

Infotrak Harris Poll Managing Director Angela Ambitho said lack of money was another factor that made people not to spend on Valentine’s Day.

“Of those who intend to spend money, most will not be spending anything more than Sh1,000,” she said.

The research also show that those willing to spend more than Sh2,000 are seriously dating, living together or engaged and more males than females intend to spend on their partners.

The poll further revealed that two out of 10 people in relationships, whether seriously or casually dating were involved in other romantic relationships.

“Only eight percent of those engaged said they had other relationships and 20 percent of those seriously dating also admitted to having other partners,” she said.

According to the report, men are the most promiscuous at 69 percent. It further showed that though married couples have one other romantic relationship, most of those engaged or living together tend to have at least two.


Ambitho said 24 percent of couples in more than one relationship intended to spend the day with other partners, with more women than men admitting they will spend the day with their ‘Mpango wa Kando’ (other partners).

“This is interesting because more women aged 18-24 will juggle around their partners than men; the reason being women are receivers of gifts and the men are unwilling to spend,” she said.

In the report, 17 percent of those interviewed said their relationships are stressing them.

It also showed that Kenyans are more satisfied with their relationships with immediate family than with their partners/spouses and political leaders.

“Only 35 percent indicated they were satisfied with their relationship with their partner,” said Ambitho.

The poll also illustrated that nearly one out of ten adults in Kenyan was either separated, divorced or not currently seeing anyone.

However, most Kenyans whether dating seriously or casually, married or engaged were mostly unsatisfied in their relationships, with the married ones being the most unsatisfied.

MAN_WOMAN_ROSE_863740911.jpgThe report showed that 66 percent of Kenyans were ready to break up with their current partners.

Most partners could also not describe their partners as their soul mates.

“Would I describe my current partner as my soul mate? 51 percent of casually dating people said no, 75 percent of those seriously dating said no, 59 of those living together said no, those engaged – 69 percent said no and 86 percent of married couples said a big no,” said Ambitho.

She explained that it seemed most couples were going into relationships or marrying when they are not ready but due to societal pressure.

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