Keep your skin cocoa-silky on this Love Weekend

February 12, 2010 – Of course you want your skin to be supple and silky this Valentines weekend, and at least the solution we have to offer you today does not involve a red jar.

There have always been arguments about whether or not cocoa butter really helps to make your skin look and feel fantastic – aside from getting rid of the stretch marks, that is.

So I asked a few questions… It turns out that cocoa butter is an extract from the cacao bean that is used to make the creams and lotions we are recommending to you.

Alice Odera, a licensed aesthetician with Haco Industries, which are the local manufacturers of Palmers Cocoa Butter, says that if you want even skin tone, ALICE_PALMERS_325418064.jpgskin elasticity and moisture to keep your skin soft in this gruelling heat, Palmers Cocoa Butter is the way to go.

“Our products are manufactured using all the extracts of the cocoa bean, from the shell to the inner core. The manufacturers follow stringent regulations set out by ET Browne, the producers of the product. (They produce the no. 1 cocoa butter in the world).We have a local company that manufactures the products, Haco, which enables us to sell them at more affordable rates for Kenyans – with the same quality,” says Odera, who is the Brand Manager for all skin products at Haco.

Palmers Cocoa Butter, she says, is designed specifically with collagen, elastin, and vitamin E, to nurture, even out and moisturise the skin of those using it.

“One fantastic way to keep your skin lovely is by applying Palmers Moisturising Body Oil before you take a shower, and then after a good scrub, use it again. Your skin will be so soft and moist it’s amazing,” Alice tells me.

“The hot water seeps the oil right into your skin and the effect is out of this world,” she adds.

Odera however says that when it comes to stretch marks, it is important to use Palmers Cocoa Butter at least twice a day and to make it a lifestyle; because the whole process of preventing (yes preventing) and reducing the prominence of stretch-marks is a gradual process.

“Another great product we have is the Palmers Olive Butter Formula. It has anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant agents to heal and care for your skin.”

OLIVE_BUTTER_721954611.jpgShe says the Olive Butter is created organically, where the oil used in the lotion is cold pressed from the olives, drawing out the oil that has natural qualities good for your skin.

“You can also get the Cocoa Butter Fragrance Free by the way, which is good for people who need the good qualities of the lotion but don’t like the smell. If you have very dry skin, it is good to use the creams instead of the lotion, because they are more concentrated.”

So, do you have any tips for smooth, supple, beautiful skin? Share them with us by posting your comments below and you stand a chance to win a lovely Palmers hamper. The names of the winners will be written at the bottom of this story on Sunday.

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