Tokyo most expensive city for a short trip, Mexico City the cheapest

Shinjuku_Tokyo_777703905.jpgAugust 26 – (Relaxnews)

Out of 73 major cities worldwide, Tokyo is the most expensive city in which to enjoy a short trip, with Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta offering the cheapest getaways, according to the “2009 Prices and Earnings” report published by banking giant UBS on August 19.

The price of the trip largely depends on the prevailing exchange rates, but the survey compiled a basket of 10 goods and services and used the US dollar as the standard currency.

The basket included: an overnight stay for two at a first-class hotel, dinner for two with a bottle of wine, a taxi ride, car rental with 100 kilometers of driving, two tickets to the theater, travel on city-center public transport and a handful of minor expenses such as a phone call.

The cost of travel to the city was not included, which is a major consideration but varies widely for each would-be holidaymaker.

The average worldwide price is roughly $650 for the short, and rather luxurious, excursion.

Regionally, Africa and South America offer the cheapest package rates, Oceania, Eastern Europe and East Asia were in the middle range, with the most expensive trips found in North America, the Middle East and Western Europe.

The widest regional price gap between cheapest and most expensive cities was observed in East Asia, around 40 percent,  while Western European cities had the lowest price gap, just nearing 13 percent.

New York City was used as the standardized mean in the survey, with each city indexed against the “Big Apple” for comparison.

USB is a Swiss-based banking firm that releases its “Prices and Earnings” report every three years.

Most Expensive City Trip City Price ($) Index: NYC=100
1 Tokyo 1,130 130.5
2 London 1,000 115.4
3 Doha 1,000 115.3
4 Zurich 990 114.4
5 Paris 990 113.7
6 Geneva 940 107.9
7 Amsterdam 930 106.7
8 Dubai 920 106.1
9 Frankfurt 910 104.5
10 Caracas 900 104.2
11 Shanghai 900 103.3
12 New York City 870 100.0
Notable Cities
Singapore 750 86.3
Dublin 690 79.9
Chicago 670 77.5
Sydney 630 72.5
Mumbai 550 63.1
Buenos Aires 510 58.2
Toronto 470 53.9
Cairo 470 53.6
Warsaw 440 51.2
Beijing 400 45.8
Least Expensive City Trip
69 Nairobi 360 41.8
70 Manila 360 41.3
71 Jakarta 330 38.3
72 Kuala Lumpur 310 36.1
73 Mexico City 290 33.1
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