Why We Burn Schools


Since the institutionalization of free secondary education in 2008,  more of Kenya’s youth are getting educated. Education brings progression , it comes with the broadening of the mind but sometimes a seed of arrogance is sowed in  young minds. Many are taught to think , ” if you attend a private high school, private university; you are better than others.” This mentality inspires in many a sense of entitlement that can be difficult to control.

On the flip side, the student who may not come from  a privileged background pity themselves and are conditioned to think poorly of themselves and their abilities. Taught to blame the authority whether it be the government or the principle for their woes, it is a cycle of pinning the blame on whomever is nearest. Playing the blame game could very well carry on through out life. The saddest part of this “Blame it On..” series is that the so called victim will always prevent themselves from realizing their true potential.

A life of making excuses for life’s outcomes is futile. It is possible to  actually change the reaction one has to a particular event to gain a better outcome. The actions of the students who set alight the very institutions that could offer them the keys to a brighter future  after being denied the chance to watch television, is akin to a child who throws a tantrum after being denied a sweet. Their reaction is indicative of deeper issues. It is important to look for  insight into this rebellion brewing in our schools as it could could soon take over the nation in a few years. Children are said to be leaders of tomorrow and although locking them in a cell is some form of affirmative action, a closer look at their thought process, pressures and decision factors up until the point where the match was struck could indicate why our children burn schools.

Why do our children burn schools? Because they echo what they see. Adults protest and damage property over every decision. Instead of seeking peaceful consensus, Kenyan folk choose to hit the pavement and protest, disrupt businesses, damage property, instigate hate with their speech and set fire on the progress we worked so hard to make. In the same jest,  students struck a match and set their schools on fire. To make real change, we must start with ourselves. Conquer the beast within and the rest will follow.



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