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Social Media addict? Four ways to detox


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Living life as a slave to social media is common among the youth. With the constant need to update your Facebook status, tweet your take on the current trending topic or show your followers how much fun you are having on Instagram causes many to miss out on life.

There are many ways to live life without giving in to the social media itch. Here are a few tips:

1. Decide to be present.

Believe it or not, there was life before the internet. In those days, people interacted and engaged in face to face conversations. According to Keller-Fay’s TalkTrack study, 90 percent of the influential conversations that we have every day happen offline, while only 8 percent are online.

2. Phone settings can change your life.

Millennials are also now known as the face-down generation. Constant interaction online rather than face to face can affect the quality of relationships you have. Putting your phone away when meeting up with friends or enabling the silent setting can help you remain focused; avoiding distractions as your phone vibrates from every WhatsApp notification can be useful. And think of the saving you will be doing in battery life and data.

3. Timing is everything.

When out with friends, learn to be mindful of the situation. When out for an event update your social media before or after the event. This allows you to fully enjoy the event with friends, making new memories. You will probably get better pictures if you enjoy the experience.

4. It’s never that serious.

The world is not waiting to see what you update on your Instagram, so taking a minute to take in the moment. Less updates on your social media profiles will not leave World Wide Web in frenzy by the absence of your tweets or status updates. Learn to take a deep breath and enjoy moments with those who mean something to you .

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