Podcast: How Big Square found a sizzling sweet spot in Kenya’s gourmet space

March 20, 2019


Having inherited his father’s entrepreneurial bug, Morne Deetlefs, set out to build a business at an early age. But by the time he was 30-years, a downturn in business saw him deep in debt. He lost his house and had to move back to his parent’s house with his family.

Morne had to look for a job, any job. And that’s how he ended working at South Africa’s fast-food chain, Chicken Licken.

He later moved to Lagos, Nigeria where he helped an entrepreneur set up a franchise food chain before coming to Kenya to head Nando’s parent company, Innscor for six years.

Then the enterprise bug struck again and that’s how he started Big Square with the first branch in Karen, Nairobi, which has now grown to 10 branches.

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