Property Insights: Tips to Get by When Showing Your House

February 9, 2017

, So you finally took the big step to sell your house. Well, before final papers are singed and you hand over your keys, a myriad of people will walk in and out of your house. Since you want to give potential buyers the best possible impression of your home, it is important for you and your house to be prepared in order for the process to be as seamless.

Tips to Get by When Showing Your House
Tips to Get by When Showing Your House

Fresh flowers and other goodies.
While these things make the house appealing to potential buyers, they also brighten up your house and your mood in the process – It’s a win win situation. There is no need to splurge on really expensive items but these little things do go a long way to make a difference.

Make your bed in the morning
If you are not in a habit of doing this, better start now. So you do not have to worry and panic should your realtor call you for a last minute viewing. If you have kids, be sure to make their beds too.

Get a lidded laundry hamper.
An open hamper filled with dirty laundry is not the way you want potential buyers to be greeted when they enter your house. Get a hamper with a lid to conceal the mess instead.

Put your nightstand drawers to good use.
These will come in handy to tuck away any odds and ends that may have accumulated on your nightstand – such as magazines, jewelry and other trinkets.

Keep a spare stack of fresh towels
There is something about a fresh stack of towels that can instantly transform the look of any bathroom and give it a spa-like feel. It may sound trivial, but it is better than wondering if the towels lying around are clean and fresh.

When in doubt, get a number of baskets. It is so easy to scoop up stray items and put them into baskets and close the lids and restore order to your house. Big baskets work well for toys, blankets and clothes while the smaller ones will work best for papers, magazines and any other odds and ends.

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