Ask Kirubi: Time to change the narrative

August 11, 2016

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Much has been said about how young people need to be more of job creators than job seekers. Day in day out, many businessmen and motivational speakers take to the stage to encourage young people in particular to be their own bosses and create a livelihood for themselves outside employment. It’s now time to act. It’s time we changed the narrative by implementing that which we have learnt or been told.

Each one of us has been equipped with basic knowledge and skills that if we took time to develop, would broaden our success.

While you sit at your desk each day, train yourself in something practical that will better your livelihood. Acquire additional skills that will support you in and out of the workplace. Don’t wait to be empowered. Empower yourself so that you too can empower others. Learn to have money work for you. The satisfaction you get when you are enjoying the fruits of your labor is second to none. Working hard won’t kill you; it will reward you.

Take time to water your ‘seeds’, invest in them and sit back and watch them grow.  It’s my hope that you will change the narrative by starting with the little you have.

All the best my friends!

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