What does it take to be a star property agent?

April 25, 2016

, Nili, Sansi & Pinder

Selling is not for the faint hearted but unlike most professions, the art of selling can be taught on the job and acquired through experience. However, there are certain skills that one needs to have to be a star sales person, especially in the real estate sector.

Kenya’s real estate market is attracting considerable local and international investors keen on the good return on investment, resilience of the industry and the stable macroeconomics.

A critical skill required for a real estate agent is a deep understanding of the clients and the market.

For Caroline Malenya, a real estate agent with Pam Golding Properties, dedication to her work has made her the star rookie agent for the year  2015/2016 at PGP .

“I find joy in matching people with their dream homes. Also, having a strong backing from the PGP Kenya family has helped me find my footing and enable me to dwell in my first year as an agent,” says Malenya.

The Kenya team, which scooped six awards in the recently held Gold Club property awards, has found their strength by working hard and enjoying what they do. All agents are required to reside in the area they sell so that they build up expert knowledge of the residential/commercial area.

This year, the Gold Club Regionals event was held at the Johannesburg City Hall on the 12th of April 2016 and a team of 8 people from the Kenya Office were in attendance.

The Kenya office scooped the following awards.

  • The Marketing Excellence Award
    •Rental Office of the Year Award
    •Rookie Agent of the Year Award 2015/2016 (Caroline Malenya)
    •Highest Number of Units Sold Award 2015/2016
    •Highest Unit Sales by an Office Award (Kenya)
    •Highest Sales Value Award 2015/2016 (Nili Dodhia & Sansi Dietz)

Having good interpersonal skills is a basic and probably the most important skill for an agent. The largest part of the job is talking to people and guiding them through the decision and purchase journey.

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