Ask Kirubi: What drives you?

March 25, 2016

, What drives you to earn a living?

What drives you at work?

What drives you in life?


These questions may look simple but are very important if at all you want to be successful in life. Each day we make a choice to impact our lives or simply do nothing about it. You must make a choice to bring change in your life because no one else will make it for you.

For some of us the need to own valuables, have at least one decent meal in a day and good shelter, is what drove us to where we are. I had to invent myself so that I could get an education and survive.

While my peers had numerous skills and experience I had to rely on the little knowledge I had and my communication skills to get to where I am. The moment I knew that I could make things happen, I did not have a problem convincing others to let me handle their business regardless of my lack of experience.

Friends, you must be able to know what drives you because that will give you direction in life.  Everything you do or achieve is as a result of what drives you.

I wanted a better life for myself than what my parents left behind and I am sure most of you want the same. Let your drive help you re-invent or discover yourself or your potential. Don’t be afraid to explore the unknown.

See what Matt Morris and I had to say about this. All the best!

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