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Property Insights

Every Home Needs These #PropertyInsights

Every home should be different, have a different set of colors and personality and feel to it. However, there a few things every home should have, the key essential and classic ingredients that make up the foundation of a good home. Take a look at this list:


Lights in every room.

Light is very essential to the framework of a house. If your house is well lit, it gives an impression of cleanliness and a good feeling all around. Every corner of your house should be lit, and well at that. This includes the front and back yards as well. Your home may be lovely but if not well lit, it will look dull and boring.

A vase and fresh flowers.

A fresh bunch of flowers or a live plant brings a feeling of liveliness and freshness to a room. They do not need much to care for, just a fresh jug of water every now and again. And they are a cheap way to keep in touch with Mother Nature.

A fire extinguisher

It is a fact that most home fires happen in the kitchen or as a result of a short circuit. It is important to have one, and ensure that everyone in the house knows how to use it in case of an emergency. While there is a good chance that it may sit idle and collect dust, it could save your life and property.

First Aid Kit.

Children especially are prone to accidents, because they are always running around doing this and that. Having a first aid kit with the bare essentials like gauze, disinfectant and Band-Aids will help stop a cut or a bruise from getting worse.

A bowl of fresh fruit.

Not the fake plastic ones that are purchased from the shop. Have a bowl of fresh fruits that anyone can grab on the go. They are a healthy and albeit tasty snack., it could sit in the kitchen or in the dining room.

At the end of the day, you want to make your home the happiest and safest place it could possibly be for you and your family.

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