Sh18mn to fix damaged Nairobi traffic lights

April 22, 2014


Some of the vandalised street lights in Nairobi/FRANCIS MBATHA
Some of the vandalised street lights in Nairobi/FRANCIS MBATHA
NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 22 – The Nairobi County Government has released Sh18 million for the repair of traffic lights on major roads in the city.

The County Executive in charge of Roads and Transport, Evans Ondieki, says the repairs are set to begin in May 2014.

Speaking during a press briefing at City Hall, he says the repairs were meant to commence in March 2014 but there were delays in the tendering process.

“The tendering of the repairs was authorised by the Nairobi Governor. The money has been released but the tendering of those repairs takes a while but I think it will be worked on soon. The County released about Sh18 million though the gadgets are expensive that is why we also want a responsible attitude not to destroy the infrastructure of lights because the lights actually help,” he said.

Ondieki says the repairs have been necessitated by damage caused by student riots in December.

“There was a problem in December when there was a riot in the university and the lights were damaged. The problem is that once one system has been affected it tends to spill over to all the other systems.”

“I believe strongly that the money has been raised from the County and therefore the repairs should be complete by next month.”

The Nairobi County Government further announced that the mass bus transit system scheduled for July 2014 still stands despite opposition from the matatu sector.

Ondieki says he will not adhere to blackmail or intimidation and the County government will continue in its implementation of the transport system which is targeted to help the ordinary citizen.

“We know there are several interests who do not want this transport system to be implemented: we are implementing this as a government with the Governor purely to help the ordinary citizen of Nairobi.”

“We will stand firm, for the citizens are the once who suffer when there are issues in the transport,” he affirmed.

Counties Commuters Welfare Association Member, Samuel Ragira supported the project saying it will increase competition among the players in the transport sector which will lead to better services and prices for users.

“We support the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project. It was one of the Governor’s key campaign pledges to address the massive traffic clogging the city.”

“The introduction of the buses will improve the discipline as commuters will now have a wider choice. The same system will also create jobs,” he said.


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