#AskKirubi: Wealth Should First Be Created in the Mind

October 3, 2013
DJ CK, Vivian Green and Capital FM’s Chao/ Photo by Susan Wong

, Almost everyone desires to be rich, and young people are looking to get rich as soon as yesterday.

For this reason, I often get questions about how to make money, where to invest, how to invest etc. Everyone is looking for a fool-proof method of ensuring they get optimal returns on their investment. But if it were as easy as that… 90% of the world would not be living without financial security.

The truth is that wealth is first and foremost, created in your mind. This is a revelation that Napoleon Hill unveiled in his book, “Think and Grow Rich.” It is also something that I can attest to; there is power in positive thoughts… so long as you follow through and put to action your brilliant ideas.

Personally, I tend to keep a pen and paper at my bedside. When I am resting, I often find that I get moments of clarity about what I need to pursue in line with what I feel strongly about. I must write them down and pursue these thoughts later or I will lose them.

Aside from your thoughts, there are a few key points I would like for you to think about.

If you think your business is a great one, then it should never run out of cash. You must first have sufficient capital, then find a way to keep a continuous flow of cash looping into the business and later on, scale your efforts into a bigger enterprise. This is the only way to ensure that you keep growing.

Like character, your financial wealth is defined by how and where you spend the little resources you have. If for example, you run a small business with marginal profits and are torn between upgrading your company car and branding your business… the deciding vote must be determined by the turn-around time on recouping your investment. Remember; low hanging fruits allow you to reach for higher goals in the medium term.

Most importantly, before you get into any venture educate yourself.I always say, it is better to have information and not need it, than to require it and not know it. Therefore learn the business and the market dynamics, understand the key players and how you will interact with them, and then make an effort to know the regulations governing that industry. You may also need to learn how to read financial statements as this puts the power back in your hands.

Until next time, remember that 10% of your time must be spent actively pursuing your most cherished thoughts and goals.

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