China’s investment key to regional integration: Kirubi

August 22, 2013

, “In my opinion, China should further invest in manufacturing in Kenya and add value to our tea, our coffee, our coal, mineral resources,” Kirubi said. The billionaire also predicted that with Africa’s development and its growing middle-income class, more Africans will possibly be investing in China, changing the current one-sidedness in investment.

Analysts have earlier said that Kenyatta’s visits to Russia and China, have sent a clear signal of Nairobi’s strengthening focus on its “Look East” policy.

“Kenya is not choosing investment, either it is from the West or the East,” said Kirubi. “Money has no colour. We are not discriminating. What Kenya wants is development.” But he said that the “Look East” policy is helping his country, a former British colony which in his words was “looking too much to the West”, to balance.

“We are balancing our relationship with other countries. Opening up to all sides, rather than to be too dependent on one side,” he said. “You cannot continue to walk with one leg.”

The businessman said he thinks it is much easier to negotiate and to work with Chinese people because there is no colonial legacy. Kirubi, who owns a popular radio station in Kenya, Capital FM, said he believed that the media should play a central role in bringing people together in terms of Sino-Africa relations development.

“Media of China and Africa should highlight where the success story is and where their failures are and also encourage people’s relationships,” he said. “With the media’s efforts, we hope that more Chinese will come to visit Africa, not only for business, but also for tourism,” Kirubi said.

“Let them come to the new world and the new wonderland, Africa.”

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