PM says Kenyans must be innovative

January 7, 2011

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 7- Prime Minister Raila Odinga has called on Kenyans to embrace the entrepreneurship and exploit the opportunities within the private sector so that they can contribute to the country’s economic development.

The Premier made the call especially to job seekers whom he advised to stop banking on the limited vacancies in the formal sector.

“The unemployed youth need to discard the widespread notion of looking for white collar jobs and make the most of the untapped potentials in the private sector to spur economic growth in the country,” he told mourners at the home of the late politician Gerishon Kirima.

He said it was time Kenyans emulated most developed countries where school leavers start their own businesses and contribute to the development of their private sector.

The PM said: “We must promote and develop the private sector because it is the engine to our economic growth.”

Pointing to the late Mr Kirima, a self-made man who came from a humble beginning but later become a businessman with assets running into billions of shillings, the premier urged the youth to follow his example, a move which would help the country to break the vicious circle of poverty.

“Mr Kirima worked his way up during the oppressive colonial regime through courage, fortitude and determination to become an eminent African entrepreneur when he built the first big retail market in the city” the PM said.

At the same time, Mr Odinga reminded those in employment to plan ahead of their retirements so as to safeguard the interest of their children.

He regretted that some employees failed to prepare for life after retirement only to realise their mistake when it was too late with some opting to beg for extension of their working contract to meet their impending obligation in the family.

The Premier, who jetted back into the country from a peace mission in troubled Ivory Coast also took the opportunity to reminded Kenyans of the need to promote ethnic cohesion among the various communities in the country.


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