KDN resumes laying fibre cable

November 1, 2010

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 1 – Kenya Data Networks (KDN) has resumed laying the fibre optic cable into the greater East Africa through partnership with Green Future.

In a statement, KDN Chief Marketing Officer Vincent Wang\’ombe said that KDN had revamped the stalled projects by committing up to Sh1.2 billion. 

The first of these projects to take off is with Green Future, KDN\’s fibre laying partner.

"Green Future will be completing the Kampala – Gatuna route, and we have pumped Sh110 million into that particular project," Mr Wang\’ombe said.

Green Future is one of the 10 companies selected by KDN to undertake the project after successfully completing similar projects like the installation of fibre on the Mombasa-Kampala route.

"The contract shall therefore continue to ensure that we connect to Rwanda as earlier projected and provide the needed activation of undersea cable network to our international fibre links from Mombasa," Mr Wang\’ombe added.

Green Future Managing Director Fred Sewe said that his company was glad that work could now resume.

"Green Future is excited about getting back to work and continue with the great regional expansion that KDN is engaged in," Mr Sewe said.

"KDN is Kenya\’s largest and fastest growing private data carrier and infrastructure provider in the East and Central African region and this expansion is fundamental in solidifying KDN\’s presence in these areas," Mr Sewe added.

The resumption of laying of the fibre optic infrastructure follows KDN\’s exit from the retail market to concentrate on its wholesale and corporate clients.

The change in business strategy is geared towards giving smaller internet service providers (ISPs) room to grow their revenues, as most were facing closure due to stiff competition from internet protocol network providers.

Mr Wang\’ombe said the firm would continue developing new and innovative products tailored for mobile operators, ISPs, financial institutions and other corporate organisations.


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