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Errand Business yields handsome returns for young enterpreneurs


Do you believe that you were born to be an entrepreneur? Have you always been good at the art of multiplying whatever money you were given through business? Create in 48, an initiative of Centum Foundation was a challenge to entrepreneurs who were given seed money and were expected to make a profit within 48 hours. We caught up with ... Read More »

A guide to student accommodation in Kenya

The weapons and drugs were found in one of the hostels

As freshmen prepare to join campus in a few weeks time, capital campus will be informing you on what to expect at campus. Various Universities have prepared well enough to receive you and senior resident students are also psyched to receive you (proceed with caution) This week, capital campus has been reviewing housing around universities in Kenya. We have analyzed ... Read More »

Facebook piloting free WiFi for students’ homes


Facebook is testing free Wi-Fi to a small number of students in the neighborhood surrounding the Rutherford Opportunity Centre next to its data center in North Carolina. Facebook has partnered with the Rutherford County Schools and PANGAEA Internet to provide internet to an initial 800 students. “We’re hoping this program will build on the school system’s 1:1 initiative, which provides ... Read More »

Tech platform offers Kenyan students location-based discounts


Campus Discounts is a platform that allows university students get discounted offers for goods and services posted by businesses located around their respective campuses. Accessible via a website and available as an android application, this platform allows businesses to post discounted offers to specific university campuses. Students can thereafter, view these offers by simply visiting the site at or ... Read More »

Online course directory launched


A new online directory providing prospective college students with information on University and college courses in Kenya has been launched. The website, seeks to facilitate prospective students with all the information they need on specific courses and their availability at the click of a button. “What we are doing is bridging the gap between prospective students and the colleges. ... Read More »

Attention new grads: Windows Phone Apps for job-hunting

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Do you know someone who’s just graduated from university? Are you a newly minted graduate yourself? If so, congratulations! You’ve worked hard and earned your degree. Now, it’s time to get to work! Lucky for you, there are more useful tools than ever to help find that ever-important first job. So instead of blindly mailing your resume to employers or ... Read More »

5 on-campus gigs that can build your resume


If you’re a college student, you’ve probably found yourself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to work: You’re not yet qualified for a job in your field, but you may need more than just your brand-new college degree to land a job — you might also need experience in your field. In addition to internships, there ... Read More »

Intel Student Partner Program: Now launching in Tanzania and Uganda. Apply by April 30th!


Following the successful launch of the Intel Student Partner Program in Kenya, we’re now opening up the opportunity for university students in Uganda and Tanzania to apply to be a part of this program. Apply by 30th April 2014 to be a part of this exciting experience! What is the Intel Student Partner Program? The Intel Student Partner Program – ... Read More »

Microsoft advances office to students


In an effort to help prepare students for the technological skills required in the workforce, Microsoft has announced a new benefit to qualifying institutions, dubbed Student Advantage, which brings Microsoft Office 365 Education to more students worldwide. Student Advantage enables access to the familiar experience of Office in an always-up-to-date cloud service across their compatible PCs, tablets and phones. These ... Read More »

Most useful apps for college grads


College graduation is a time for young adults to spread their wings and finally put their education to good use. Fortunately, there are a variety of apps that can make the transition easier. From managing tasks, to sharpening skills and connecting with friends, the world of mobile apps is bursting with solutions for the tech savvy. Here are some of ... Read More »