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Dr. David Matsanga.

Fifth Estate

Election without peace is a death trap

I am surprised that what happened in Kenya since 1992 , 1997, 2007, 2017 during and after the general elections has not taught many Kenyans any lesson about electoral violence. Kenyans are not even afraid of saying they prefer ELECTIONS first then PEACE later.

I am equally shocked that those who have shouted about violence and human rights are today blocking every route to bring peace to this nation. The guys like Makau Mutua who know very well that indeed there will be deadly contest in 2022 are not standing up to be counted on the matter of PEACE .

It is shocking that the same NGOs that teamed up in 2007-2008 with international agencies to craft the WAKI ENVELOPE and the ICC route are the same ones that have again teamed up with some members of the Judiciary and legal fraternity to stop UNITY of Purpose in Kenya through courts.

I have taken a cursory look at lawyers and individuals that are opposing the BBI and the constitutional Ammedment in Appeal Court and I am very shocked.

One can recall how in 2008 things shaped up for the ICC. I leave this to Kenyans who were affected in that violence to make decisions for themselves.

I see a chance for Peace slipping away due to influence of George Soros MONEY and ideas of regime change through the Judiciary in Africa. Peace for me is the means by which a Nation can transform from the status of underdeveloped nation to that of a developed nation Africa.

As a conflict resolution expert, I have for the past decades been involved in organizing and telling Africans to craft ideas and ways in which they can contribute to the sustenance of peace.

Peace is the cornerstone of every nation’s development as it comes along with unity, positive thinking, and collaboration for the common good of all. Kenya’s peace is fragile and has damaged by early campaigns. The situation has been made worse by the pandemic and it would be difficult to have a free and nonviolent election.

I have observed that whenever elections are called or held in Kenya, an intimidating atmosphere full of hate, anger and tensions engulf the country. Without a proper organised, unity enhancing mechanism which the promoters of BBI are advocating for. The nine points brought out a real Kenya that needed UNITY .

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That’s why the Handshake and the subsequent process that followed instilled hope and inspired new mindset of unity , inclusiveness and peaceful coexistence since 2018. The people of Kenya decided to append 4 million signatures to change the law to stop any future violence emanating from electoral fraud or challenges.

I still believe that Elections are not a matter of life and death or at least it shouldn’t be. I have travelled across Africa and seen many countries which have been devastated by violence and a grim aftermath of very divisive elections. My own country Uganda has had a huge share of violence to far effect.

I have seen what a bunch of power hungry politicians can do to a promising and peaceful country similar to Kenya. I don’t wish for Kenya to go down that less enviable road. I write this because Kenya is the engine of the Great Lakes Region of East Africa.

That’s why I have supported President Uhuru Kenyatta on this route of redemption strategy towards total reconciliation in Kenya. I have and I will continue to support and advocate for UNITY of PURPOSE which gave birth to the Handshake between Uhuru and Raila.

I still maintain that it will be open violations of human democracy for a country to go to elections without ELECTORAL reforms that have PREVIOUSLY lacked. It is tantamount to suicide and it is not only very risky but perilously dangerous for Kenya and the entire Region of East Africa.

I want to be on record by saying that the 2022 elections can WAIT until proper ELECTORAL reforms are done in one way or the other. The poisoned political atmosphere in Kenya now and in the coming months before official campaigns start are not favourable for PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS.

The truth is that the current ELECTORAL BODY IEBC is not ready to hold an election of a CATTLE DIP in any part if Kenya and the current squabbling Government that has been injured by malcontents of NGOs and Tanga Tanga brigade cannot deliver a peaceful election in Kenya in 2022.

The country that is Kenya should follow one rule of Political science of FATIGUE EVALUATION that will save it from the cocktail of disaster after the intended August 2022 Elections.

As an expert in Conflict Resolution I can safely say that by amending the Constitution to create better framework for Elections will save Kenya before it romances with the idea of holding elections in 2022. Let peace and unity he given the priority.

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Dr David Matsanga David.
Political Scientist & Conflict Resolution Expert.


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