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Obama celebrates US military sports

WASHINGTON, Apr 19 – US President Barack Obama on Tuesday congratulated the winners of the proud three-way rivalry between the Army, Navy and Air Force Academy football teams. 

Noting the presence of Superintendent of the Air Force Academy, Lieutenant General Michael Gould, and the Air Force Chief of Staff, General Norton Schwartz, he gave all appropriate respect to the players who serve their country:

“Most of all, though, I want to congratulate the cadets who are standing behind me.  Until this year, no one on this team knew what it felt like to beat Army, to beat Navy, to visit the White House, and to earn football bragging rights over the other branches.  Now you know the feeling,” he told the winning team.

They also know what it feels like not just to be a good service academy team, but to be a good team, period.  Put up 350 rushing yards against Oklahoma.  Finished 9-4 after what Coach Calhoun called the toughest schedule a service academy ever played.  And to cap it all off, to win in a bowl game against Georgia Tech. That’s impressive.  Georgia Tech has three times as many students.”


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