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Teary exit for Lucille

NAIROBI, September 30 – Big Brother opened the door for Lucille’s teary exit on Sunday, making her the second person to leave the BBA3 ‘mansion’.

Africa voted out the Namibian beauty to the disenchantment of housemates and especially Zambia’s TK, who put her up for eviction.

Nigeria’s Uti – also up for eviction with Ricco from Angola – reacted angrily to the news when host KB (Kabelo) announced that Lucille was the next housemate to be evicted, smashing a window in the glass house and kicking furniture around until Ricco finally calmed him down.

The travel and tourism student spent 35 days in the house – and originally would not have been on the nomination list had TK not used his power as Head of House to replace himself with her.

The housemates had a tense and busy week, but Sunday night was eviction time and KB met the shy Namibian outside the famous Big Brother doors after the big announcement.

He immediately asked Lucille if she was surprised to be eliminated.

“Not at all – I was sure that TK was going to replace himself with me because he still believes I stole his cigarettes!” she said.

With that, attention turned to the house as Ricco and Uti were told that they could re-join their housemates. Whereas the returning contestants had previously been warmly greeted with excited chatter, Uti and Ricco walked through the door without a word – with the housemates clearly shocked to see Lucille had departed. The silence was only broken briefly when Uti kicked over a table.

KB asked Lucille if she felt that Uti was upset because she had left, or because he hadn’t. “I’m not sure,” she said. “Maybe he’s just releasing some stress from the week.”

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Lucille then watched her nomination on the screen on stage – to see that only TK had nominated her when he replaced himself with her!

She went on to say, “Big Brother Africa has been such an amazing experience – I’ve met people from so many different countries and tasted all sorts of food,” she said after laughing her way through TK’s clip. “I would have showered naked if I was here ‘til the last – if only my parents weren’t watching!”

Africa voted overwhelmingly to evict Lucille this week – she garnered 11 votes (Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, SA, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rest of Africa), while Uti received 2 (Angola and Namibia) and Ricco 0.

This week TK is at it again! He was nominated by the housemates on Monday (most of whom don’t like his guts) and has replaced himself with Ricco. The Angolan is up for eviction with Uti – again – and Zimbabwe’s Munya! Surprise! Surprise! Although he has been whining that the house is not the same without ‘his’ lovely Lucille.

So, who’s going to get the third African ‘kick-out’ vote?


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