5 Classic Dishes You Should Perfect at Home

Of the many responsibilities that come with adulthood, one of them is learning how to properly feed yourself. That means making time out of your schedule, even when you’d rather not, to prepare a meal. 

Thankfully you do not need to have a cooking degree, but to simplify things in the kitchen, we’ve rounded up five classic dishes and simple recipes for you to prepare at home. Should you accept this mission, these could be your go-to dishes.

  1. Good old omelet

A good day begins with a good breakfast. Eggs require little active cooking time and are high in reward so we strongly recommend mastering how to make your eggs.

2. Classic Beef Pilau

If you are already confident with plain rice, consider mastering beef or chicken pilau. A Kenyan classic rich in flavour with a guide by Chef Raphael.

3. Juicy Matoke

A juicy, healthy meal doesn’t need to be complex, here is a guide to this matoke recipe by Kaluhi’s Kitchen.

4. Healthy chicken salad

You will want to pin this chicken salad recipe by Chef Raphael.

5. A Grilled Dish

For the days you have a bit more time to spare, you can slowly become a grill master with the help of Chef Ali Mandhry.

You will also want to add a few dishes by The Roaming Chef to your repertoire.

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