Beautiful Workspaces: Think Place Nairobi

It is difficult to predict what post COVID-19 offices will look like and even harder to imagine what workers will find when they return to their offices. While we prepare ourselves for a return, we would like to show you, in no particular order, our favourite office spaces in the country and companies that have paid more attention to their staff work environment.

We have picked offices that respond and cater to the human needs of its users, from nursing mothers, prayer rooms, think pods, detox rooms and other unique features.

Beyond those perks, they are also simply beautiful spaces to work in and provide an environment that inspires you to just dream up the next big idea.

Welcome to Think Place, a global innovation consulting company that helps leaders tackle complex challenges, whether it’s a new strategy, policy or compelling research to guide decision making and change things for the better.

Think Place is a progressive company that has pushed the envelope of design to provide their team with an invigorating work environment. With clean lines and colourful details, this office proves that when it comes to creating a beautiful working space, size does not matter.

There’s no formal reception and the waiting area is designed to not feel like an office at all to encourage relaxation as much as it does concentration.

The shared working space has modern furniture, natural light from the ceiling to floor windows, think-pods and a variety of meeting rooms for  teams to get together and brainstorm.

If your office is due for an upgrade, we hope this inspires you and your colleagues to create an awe-inspiring design and if this is your office, please contact me: for a feature.

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