Gallery Walls: The Perfect Way to Add Warmth, Color and Personality to Your Home

“Boring walls are for people with boring personalities”. Ok, that’s a little harsh but there’s some truth to that statement.

When it comes to styling your home, your personality should shine through in one aspect or another. Your home should feel like it belongs to you. Not your neighbor. Not your friend. You!

Speaking of boring, plain walls…those should be left to hospitals, banks and other boring places that do not need accentuated walls. An accent wall does not have to always mean painting one wall a striking color, or planting a huge mirror in the middle of a wall , or having a wall to wall bookshelf… a gallery wall could also do that job very well. In fact, it is one of the best ways to add color , warmth and personality into any space.

Tips on how to create the perfect gallery wall.

*Think of a theme that you would like to go with. Do you want a graphic linear effect or to go with something more elaborate?

Select a focal color in the artwork you are going to use, which will unite everything together.

Lay your art out on the floor and group your pictures together before hanging them.

Choose between displaying art or photographs. Whatever you choose will depend on where you want to display them. Photographs are displayed best in studies and dining areas while art is best in bedrooms, living rooms and entrance halls.

Spacing is key when it comes to styling a gallery wall. Hung the central piece of your gallery at your eye-line, and everything else should be hung above, down and around that point.

For gallery walls going upstairs,hang larger pieces first, staggered to match every third stair, and then work smaller pieces around them.

You can choose to display your pictures or artwork using uniform frames or mix and matching different frame style (which will add more character to your gallery wall.)

All in all, whatever you decide to do with your gallery wall is up to you in the end.

If you feel like breaking the rules here and there to suit your personality, nobody is stopping you. Experiment with the ideas in your head and have fun with your gallery wall.

Happy styling!