Shamba Cafe: It’s Safe to Dine Here with Kids

Nairobi is home to very few barn-style restaurants Shamba cafe being one of them brings a whole level of modern barn-inspired setting.

Cosy, airy with high ceilings and a rustic interior that transforms into a romantic dining space as the fairy lights come on in the night.

Tucked away in Loresho, Shamba Cafe is the ideal spot for those of you in search of a relaxing place to brunch, wine and dine.

The garden has its own charm with trees surrounded by vintage lamps, sitting space shaded by wide umbrellas so you can enjoy sitting outside regardless of the weather.

They also sell cosy Maasai shukas and blankets so that you can snuggle up to your loved one when it gets cold.

The grounds have a dedicated kids play area with slides, kiddie tables for your little ones to dine on and enough space for them to wander while you forget you’re in a busy city.

The first barn in the compound is an organic farmers market where you can get fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade granola, honey, jam, cheese and other healthy treats from local farmers and suppliers.

What a pleasure it is to live so close to shamba cafe because you can get freshly baked pastries from cinnamon and raisin buns to bagels and other breakfast treats with a coffee to go or you can simply sit at the restaurant and enjoy the outdoors while you get some work done.

The second barn which is the main dining area serves up everything from delicious English style breakfast to salads to main dishes like roasted herb chicken.

Whether you’re looking for an entire meal, a light snack or you want to feed an entire family, you’re sure to find something.

To preserve social distancing and heed to guidelines, Shamba Cafe has spaced out it’s sitting space in both the dining room and outside deck to ensure that guests are far apart from each other.

The restaurant continues to maintain the highest hygiene practices with guest temperature taken and mandatory hand washing at the entrance to ensure that your experience is as safe as it can be.

Shamba Cafe also hosts weekly brunch every Sunday, but make sure you call before hand to make a reservation.

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