Exclusive; Inside Industrialist Dr. Chris Kirubi’s lavish Vipingo Ridge Villa

Quintessential Kenyan Billionaire Dr. Chris Kirubi (CK) is a man who loves the finer things in life. He is a man not afraid to splash a little loose change on cars, jets, jewelry, mansions or on clothes, just to mention but a few, undoubtedly a touch of panache in all his purchases.

I was recently in Vipingo Ridge, Kilifi County for a couple of weeks (a place of splendor that is set on 2,500 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens on an 18-hole golf course) where I had the honor of seeing firsthand, what money can buy you- a dream home. Please sit back, pop your favorite champagne, or simply, lean back, switch off your Netflix and take a ‘walk’ with me as I introduce to you Dr. Chris Kirubi’s lavish home.

Every so often in life, we throw in the word dream home/s in sentences but in CK’s case or simply Chairman, as he likes to be called, there is literally a no more apt description for his Vipingo Ridge Villa than a dream home. Let’s just say that some places draw you in for a long time, and this Villa which I fell in love with, simply took my breath away.

From the jaw dropping infinity pool which has two levels and overlooks the picture perfect tropical green forest consisting of enchanting palm trees in the horizon capturing your attention the moment you walk in, to the airy, sunlight-filled surrounding with lots of open spaces and light coming in, this Villa simply is a master piece of luxury and comfort. It’s an ultra-modern Scandinavian functional family home that is 750 sq meters with a refreshing mountain air all around. It celebrates natural light in a place where there is plenty of sunshine all throughout the year.

A few years ago, Chairman had gone to visit his friend, Erwin OverKamp (Director, Living Life Design Ltd) who was the designer and originally, the owner of the Villa. Get this- he (Chairman) fell in love with the Villa upon walking in and within 10 minutes of a tour of the Villa, Chairman asked Erwin to sell it to him. Initially Erwin had no plans to sell it; he had only lived in it for 4 months after constructing and designing it. This was going to be his holiday home, but when Chairman saw it, he simply could not let it go. He offered to buy it and there and then, Erwin sold it to him. The deal was done and within a couple of weeks, the Villa’s new owner was Chairman. 

Upon purchasing it, Dr. Chris Kirubi made some adjustments; he extended the pool from one to two levels and installed an extensive solar powered system (ecofriendly). The entire Villa runs on solar power; from the lighting to the infinity pool pump, to the air conditioning- everything in the Villa, so he barely gets any electricity bill…if any at all.

The house has 5 bedrooms, all private, en-suite with every room having its own terrace and balcony. The master bedroom is a piece of magic; it has its own well-seasoned mvuli staircase, state of the art design which makes it elegant and timeless. The White walls, wood floors, modern furniture, and a lack of clutter truly makes this a luxurious and oh-so dreamy Scandinavian aesthetic- a dream home indeed.

The designer, Erwin says all he wanted was to create was a functional home, unique in its own sense but with lots of natural light- so, Let the light shine in!  (The house was completed in 2016). There are certain special features in the Villa which I had the privilege of having access to but cannot mention or show you (let’s just say for security reasons).

The living and dining rooms embodies a Nordic style: showcasing the outdoors with lots of natural light coming in, overlooking the infinity pool, which is truly one of the biggest attractions to this Villa. You simply cannot miss it and will keep staring at it through and through. May I add that it’s a heated pool. There really is nothing quite as breathtaking as that first glimpse of the infinity pool when you walk in. Take a dip here and you’ll easily lose yourself in the calmness of the tropical panoramic view of the green jungle right infront of you. I ‘lost’ myself in that pool.

The Villa is utterly beautiful and finely crafted. Dr. Chris Kirubi who regards his Villa, as a retreat from every day stress, is a very accommodating man; he is willing to host any of his friends who may be visiting the Coastal region and is looking for a place to stay (away from the coastal retreats/ lodges) and get this, at no fee at all. This is your chance to call him next time you are planning to go to the Coast. Just give him a call, “Hey DJ CK, can I stay over at your Villa that was exclusively & beautifully showcased by Capital Lifestyle?”

(Special shout out to my photographer, Capital Lifestyle’s Abu)

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