Stunning Christmas Trees + Tree Decorating Tips

Are you the type of person who puts off doing things such as putting up your Christmas tree and decorations until the very last minute? Like at 11.54pm on the night of Christmas eve?

Well, this article will be helpful for you especially because 1. You will get to see several stunning trees that will give you mad tree styling inspiration and 2. Since no one has seen your tree yet you can just shock them by coming up with a very stunning Christmas tree they have ever seen because you saw and read this article.

As long as you know you will put up a tree at some point before Christmas day is all that matters.

There are people out here who take Christmas and Christmas tree decorating very seriously. Some even hire professional tree decorators to decorate their trees at home.To succeed in this Christmas tree decorating business there are a couple of things that must be considered.

1. Make Pinterest your friend and get a few ideas of what you would like your tree to look like.

2. Invest in a proper Christmas tree. One that you will be proud of and even proud to look at without the decorations. When it comes to Christmas trees, cheap can turn out to be expensive. To avoid getting bored of your tree which might end up forcing you to buy a tree every year, just close your eyes and buy a  beautiful tree which you might end up using for the rest of your life.


2. There are a variety of tree styles to choose from. You can choose from Fir, Spruce or Pine tree . You could also go with a tree that looks fuller, or one with sparse branches, a white tree, a green tree, a green + white tree , or even multiple trees.

3. Decide on a color scheme for your decorations. If you pick silver, go with silver decorations all through. Failure to do so, might make you end up with a very busy tree making you look like you are trying too hard.

4. You can either go all dramatic with your tree…

5. Or be simple but proper…


6.  Get a cute basket to hold your tree in or style the base of your tree with beautifully wrapped dummy Christmas gifts.

Enjoy decorating a tree yo will be proud to display or show off to your guests on Christmas day.


Christmas trees when decorated right can give your home a face lift. So do it right.

Also, have yourself a merry little Christmas 2019! It’s the last Christmas of the decade!



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